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Bute Energy has a vision for a healthier, wealthier Wales that uses energy generation as a positive power for all - both now and for future generations.

Bute Energy will be investing approximately £800m over 40 years in the communities closest to their projects through an independently governed Community Benefit Fund. The fund will be open to proposals from organisations and groups, making a positive impact on communities closest to their energy park projects.

The Community Benefit Fund will also be accessible for communities living near to the infrastructure Green GEN Cymru is proposing, as part of our drive to help Wales meet its energy needs. This includes the Rhiwlas GEN project.

Wider benefits

In addition to a specific Community Benefit Fund, Bute Energy is also seeking to identify areas where they can support local communities through the delivery of the project. Whether that’s by prioritising local supply chains, maximising social value through procurement processes, or investing locally to support green jobs and skills, not to mention much more: we are committed to delivering real world benefit right away.

The Bute Energy team have already been talking to communities to understand their aspirations for their area and to understand some of the challenges of living and working in this rural area.

Where would you like the money to be invested? Are there any groups, organisations, or initiatives where we can offer some support? Even though our consultation has now closed, we'd still like to hear your thoughts or suggestions, to better understand how best to spend this money.